Cereal is so lame.

how dare you.

Pacific City, OR



Really liking this album.

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11 question survey.

These remind me of myspace, and some days I miss myspace. Who doesn’t! Make sure you post this as a bulletin….)

Rule #1, always post the rules.
Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3, tag 11 people then link them in the post.
Rule #4, tell them you tagged them.
Rule #5, tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the question.

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I took a nap at 8PM and woke up at like 10PM and now I’m feeling sentimental as heck.

It is a terrible time to ask me questions.

I’m in the mood to write a really cheesy novel for teenagers.


Greenland by the Polar Sea; the story of the Thule expedition from Melville bay to Cape Morris Jesup, ;By Rasmussen, Knud, 1879-1933 on Flickr.

Publication info New York :F.A. Stokes,[19—]
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University of California Libraries
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did i mention to you that i love your face?
it reminds me of a life that i missed
and the touch of your skin, how it takes me away
from the feeling of feeling like this. 

all i want you to be is a good friend to me, for tomorrow i’ll be gone again

when i walk by your side, i’m a better man
and i noticed that you’re better too
and if the winds cover me down under the sea,
so fast i’ll return to you 

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Haystack Rock, Pacific City, ORI drove straight from the other Haystack in Cannon Beach to this one.How odd,

Haystack Rock, Pacific City, OR

I drove straight from the other Haystack in Cannon Beach to this one.
How odd,


Keeping with our avian theme today, PP’s Pádraig’s swan obsession in effect

Brownsmead, OR

I went and explored Brownsmead, a small farming town near Astoria, a few days ago.

It felt as though I was transported somewhere far away from Oregon.

There were kids riding their bikes in the middle of the main road (because they weren’t used to many people driving on it), and as I passed them they waved to me.

As I crossed different bridges there were men and women casting their fishing poles off the side. As I veered left to pass their parked trucks, they gave me peculiar looks as I obviously wasn’t from their town.

This place is beautiful and quiet and I spent hours here before I realized any time had passed.



imageimageimageimageimagecadenced http://dlvr.it/5nQMn0 / www.dalepedales.com tu taller de bicis en Madrid

Water Monoliths of Cape Meares, OR

Water Monoliths of Cape Meares, OR